Note From Vice Captain Willie
Dan Quayle Final
We have the last outing of the season this Sunday at Carnalea and we need to bring the Dan Quayle to a close.
This year has proved difficult to get the matches completed in time for various rounds
With that in mind the winner will be decided this Sunday. 
The idea is that if only 2 of the remaining 6 players turn up then they will play off in matchplay format.
If more than 2 turn up then the result of the competition, this year, will be decided on the best card returned from all those that play.
I appreciate that this is not the most satisfactory way to close it out for everyone involved but I'd ask that you support this position in the spirit of getting a 2019 result.
Willie McIntaggart
Vice Captain



Conor McCauley 


Paddy Carville




  Alvin Steele




Harry McGrath


Conor Fitzpatrick


Pat Doyle


Rules: The person drawn home has choice of course, if not played at an outing. If played at a members home course then the golfing fees should be shared between the players. Full Society Handicap difference applies in Singles Matches. If additional holes are required then handicap difference starts again. 

If the match are not played by any rounds closing date  the player that turns up to play will be deemed to have won if only one is there. If neither show then both players will be eliminated. Any disputes must be referred to the Vice Captain Willie McIntaggart for resolution.

Good luck to everyone

William McIntaggart

Vice Captain