Slow play--Are you guilty




Below are guidelines that should help speed Society Play up. Considering these will be to the benefit and hence enjoyment of everyone.

Overall Points

  • The goal should be to play 18 holes of golf in not more than 4 hrs
  • Always keep up with the group in front of you
  • If the group in front is on the fairway you should be on the tee
  • Be ready to hit when the group in front moves off
  • Pick up your ball if you cannot score
  • If you think your group is slow, bring it to the attention of your playing partners


On the Tee

  • No Honour -- the first player ready tees off first (except in matchplay)
  • Think about the number of practice swings you take - one or two is enough
  • Short hitters should hit off first
  • Carry an extra ball in case you need to play a provisional
  • If you think it is lost, hit a provisional


On the Fairway

  • Hit when you are ready but do so safely - no honour
  • Shorter hitters should play if longer hitters are waiting
  • Watch other players hit their shots so as to help find stray balls


Lost Balls

  • Play your own ball if safe to do so before assisting others to look for theirs
  • Remember 5 minutes is the absolute maximum time period to search for a stray ball
  • Let the group behind play through if they are waiting and there is space in front for them to do so
  • Each 4 ball to consider who is to record when the 5 minutes search is to commence


On the Green

  • Leave your bag on the side of the green you are exiting from, not in front of the green
  • If 1 player is having trouble around the green. you should putt up until the player in trouble is ready
  • Get ready to putt before it is your turn -- clean your ball and check the line
  • When possible, continue putting until you have holed out
  • First player to hole out will pick up the flag
  • Move quickly off the green and mark your score on the next tee box

Even if you implement just a few of the above your pace of play will increase